The First International Meeting of Leisure and Recreation Studies in Japan 2022

Welcome message

I am pleased to announce that “The First International Meeting of Leisure and Recreation Studies in Japan” will be held online. We would like to express sincere gratitude to the sponsors and all other related parties for their cooperation in organizing this conference. We are in the midst of a global pandemic caused by COVID-19, but we hope this will be an opportunity to explore new forms of leisure and recreation for the future.

This meeting will include keynote speeches, symposia, workshops, and research presentations. We look forward to seeing many of you at this meeting. At the same time, we are looking forward to your presentations of your daily research results and the provision of topics. 

Please check our website for more information about this meeting as it becomes available.

The entire organizing committee is looking forward to seeing you all online. We hope that you will join us and participate in this meeting.

Japan Leisure and Recreation Society (JSLRS)

The First International Meeting of Leisure and Recreation Studies in Japan Execution Committee

Conference Details

Last updated 12 August 2022

Organizer: Japan Society of Leisure and Recreation Studies

Supervisor: The First International Meeting of Leisure and Recreation Studies Executive Committee,

Sponsor: Okinawa churashima Foundation, Jacpa co.,Nobuhiko Tanaka seminar in Tokai 

               University, Japan Institute of Leisure Service and Education co., Life Sports Foundation

               Rehabilitation Promotion Center Co.

Sponsorship: Nagano Prif., Achi☆Hirugami Tourism Board ,

               National Recreation Association of Japan

Executive Committee Chair: Noriko Fujita (Life Sports Foundation)

Date: August 20th (Sat) to 21st (Sun), 2022

Venue: Held online


Main dates:

<August 20th (Sat)> 

15: 00-Opening Ceremony, Keynote Speech, Lecture, Workshop, Research Presentation, Evening Seminar

<August 21 (Sun) >

08: 00-Research presentation, symposium, lecture, closing ceremony


Participation fee: 2,500 yen for regular members, 3,000 yen for non-members

* Procedures from credit card payment and application 

* Deadline; Friday, July 1st

Application for presentation: 

Submission of Japanese abstract * Deadline: June 10 (Tuesday)

Submission of English abstract * Deadline: June 10 (Tuesday)

* Procedure from the application form

* After submission, peer review will be conducted, the presentation title will be decided, and the

   authors will be contacted in sequence.


Participation application: 

Attendance only, participation application for those who have decided to make a presentation * Deadline: August 15th (Friday)


Information on participation and announcement:

・ Anyone who is interested in leisure and recreation can make presentations (refereed) and       


・ Awards will be given for excellent presentations.

・ As a general rule, the presentation language is English. However, please contact us if you need

     support  (charged).

・ Japanese submission is welcome for abstracts. However, English proofreading is required


・ For presentations, we will provide support (charged) such as reviewing abstracts in English and

     translating presentations into English, so please let us know when you apply for participation.

・ The recommended fields for presentation are as follows.

       Leisure: Leisure education, school trips, tourist facility management, leisure studies (leisure

                    studies), history, philosophy,Economics etc.

       Recreation: Recreation education, outdoor activities, health and sports science, community

                   care, etc.

       Japanese culture: tourism research, agriculture, Japanese hot springs, SDGs, Japanese anime,

                   manga, movies, etc.

        Others: Original and unique activities, various researches

Program (draft)

※The program may change in the future.

<August 20th (Sat)> 

15:00 Day1 Opening Ceremony

15:30 Time Adjustment

15:40 Keynote Speech:  "A History of Leisure and Recreation Education"

          Professor Tetsuya Matsuo 

16:20 Time Adjustment

16:30 Workshop: " Leisure and recreational programs, activities, practices in Japan"

          Yoshinari Sato"Practice of spreading recreation to society"

          Fumiko Inoue"Recreation of children in the ward"

          Masamitsu Futaesaku"Society in which Ultraman contributes"

17:30  Topic 1

          Hideo Kumagai : Achi Village, "Attractiveness of Achi Village, Nagano Prefecture: Past,                                             Present and Future" (tentative)

          Hideo Kimura, Director, Rehabilitation Promotion Center Co. :

                  "Steps of Rehabilitation Travel"

18:30 Break / Introduction of supporting organizations

18:40 Research presentation

19:40 Break / Introduction of supporting organizations

19:45 Evening Seminar: "A Philosophical Approach : Rethinking and Reforming Leisure Education

            in the 21st Century”

    Coordinator:Ms. Ritsuko Yamazaki

    Speaker:Ms. Maliga Naidoo 

        Professor Robert J Hall

              Professor Junichiro Inutsuka

21:45 End of the first day

         The best starry sky in Japan will be delivered live from Achi Village, Nagano Prefecture.


<August 21 (Sun) >

08:00 Research presentation

08:30 Research presentation: Four abstracts

09:30 Time Adjustment

09:45 Symposium: "Current Status of Leisure and Recreation Education”

          Coordinator: Nagata Shinichi (University of Tsukuba)

          Symposiast: Augustus Hallmon(JAMES MADISON University) from USA

                              Katrin J. LEITNER (Rikkyo University) from Austria

                             Shinohara Toshiaki (Kyoei University) from Japan

11:30 Break / Time Adjustment

          (Public Relations for Sponsoring and Supporting Organizations)

12:30 Research presentation: Four abstracts

13:30 Break / Time Adjustment

          (Public Relations for Sponsoring and Supporting Organizations)

13:45 Topics 2 Okinawa Churashima Foundation Initiatives

         Topics 3 Jilse Initiatives

         Topics 4 Life Sports Foundation Initiatives

14:45 Break / Time Adjustment

          (Public Relations for Sponsoring and Supporting Organizations)

15:00 Lecture:“Recreation in an Aging Society”

             Coordinator: Daisuke Nishijima (Kamakura Women's University), 

                                 Hiroko Murray (Social welfare service corporation Kohitsujikai Group)

             Speaker: Laura Kelly(Empower Recreational Therapy)from USA 

                           Bing Zhan (Capital Institute of Physical Education) from China

                           Momoe Shimazaki(Tokai University) from Japan

16:00 Closing ceremony

16:30 End of the second day



International Meeting Greeting from the chairman

The First International Meeting of Leisure and Recreation Studies in Japan 2022

executive committee chairman Noriko FUJITA Life Sports Foundation


I am honored to be appointed as the executive committee chairman of The First International Meeting of Leisure and Recreation Studies in Japan 2022. The Japan Society of Leisure and Recreation Studies (JSRLS), the organizer of this meeting, was established in March 1971 to conduct scientific research on leisure and recreation, to promote the development of leisure and recreation, and to contribute to the practice of leisure and recreation.

This is the first international conference organized by JSRLS, which will be a new start for JSRLS in the world. I would like to express my sincere appreciation to all those who are making efforts to make this conference a great success. 

At this conference, we would like to reconsider leisure and recreation in Japan based on the revised “Charter of Leisure” (enacted by the International Recreation Association in 1970, revised by the World Leisure Organization in 2020, translated by the Japan Leisure and Recreation Society 2021).

We hope that this conference will serve as an opportunity for researchers and practitioners to casually disseminate information to the world, and as a step toward making a leap forward into the global arena. We also plan to introduce some of Japan's wonderful tourist attractions and industries that will serve as a reference for inbound tourism once the unprecedented pandemic is over.

We hope that many Japanese leisure and recreation researchers will gather at the conference and that it will be an opportunity for meaningful academic exchange.



Q1 : Can anyone participate the Meeting?

A1 : Yes, the persons interested in Leisure and Recreation are welcome to join the Meeting.


Q2 : I would like to give a presentation; what procedure do I need to follow?

A2 : Please refer the Application Guidelines※.

        The application process includes submission of abstracts, peer review of proposed papers, and         

       application for participation. All authors must apply to participate.

       ☆The author is the first author as “Presenter” and other authors as collaborators, etc.


Q3 : What is the schedule for submitting the abstract?

A3 : The schedules of English and Japanese abstracts are different.

        Please check the schedule details※.


Q4 : I am nervous about making the abstract and presentation in English.

        Do you offer any support?

A4 : Abstracts may be submitted in Japanese. However, a proofreading fee of 10,000 yen will be charged for the English transition. However, the presentation will be given in English, so please contact us by e-mail about the preparation of the presentation manuscript※.


Q5 : Can I present if I submit an abstract?

A5 : We will select presenters by peer review. Only those who have been selected can give a presentation.


Q6 : Is there a cost for the peer review?

A6 : There is no cost for the peer review. However, only in the case of Japanese abstracts, an English

        translation fee of 10,000 yen will be charged.


Q7 : Can I withdraw my abstract?

A7 : You can do so. However, please note that the participation fee and other fees paid will not be refunded for any reason.



Q8 : Can I change the abstract?

A8: As a general rule, you cannot change an abstract once it has been submitted.

If your abstract is still in the submission period, please withdraw the abstract and submit it again. If you wish to submit a Japanese abstract, the English translation review fee of 10,000 yen will be re-generated. It takes time for review process, so please submit it as soon as possible.


Q9 : What should I do if the first author is unable to give a presentation because of various


A9 : In principle, co-authors who have paid the participation fees can give the presentation.

Otherwise, please contact the secretariat by e-mail※.


Q10: I would like to give a presentation, what are the fields of abstracts you are accepting?

A10 : Please check the recommended categories※.

We are looking for a wide range of applications, so please apply.


Q11 : Can I present a practical report?

A11 : Research methods are not required. We accept a wide range of products. However, the content should follow the style of the abstract.


Q12 : How do I send in my abstract?

A12: All submissions must be submitted online. Please refer to the submission form※.


Q13 : What content must be included in the abstract?

A13 : Please refer to the guide to Abstract Submission※.


Q14 : Do I need to take a native check?

A14: Please refer to the guide to Abstract Submission※.


Q15 : When will I know the results of the peer review?

A15: Please refer to the peer review process※.


Q16 : After my abstract has been accepted, when is the deadline for registration?

A16: The deadline for registration is July 1, 2022.


Q17 : My abstract has been accepted and I have already registered for the conference, but my name is not on the abstract.

A17 : Please confirm that all authors have paid the participation fee. The publication will be confirmed upon receipt of the participation fee.


Q18: I want to withdraw my accepted abstract. What should I do?

A18: Please contact the secretariat by e-mail. Please be advised, however, that the participation fee and expenses paid will not be refunded for any reason.


Q19 : Who determines what constitutes excellent research?

A19: The best abstracts will be awarded by the experts of the conference.


Q20: What is the file format for submission?

A20: Please fill out the submission form directly and attach the PDF data of the same contents to the form.