What is “The First International Meeting of Leisure and Recreation Studies in Japan”?

The Japan society of Leisure and Recreation Studies (JSRLS) celebrates its 50th anniversary in 2020. So far, various kinds of research and studies on leisure and recreation have been conducted in Japan and have contributed to society. However, it has been difficult for some researchers to present their work to the world because of the psychological, physical, and financial aspects of presenting in an international setting. In addition, the global pandemic caused by COVID-19 is restricting our lives. Against this backdrop, online information dissemination is becoming increasingly active.

 On the other hand, with the understanding and cooperation of Ms. Maliga Naidoo of Africa, who is leading the online ALSA Congress, JSRLS has been studying information dissemination to the world after about one year of preparation.

 As a new attempt, we have decided to promote academic exchange activities that incorporate an international perspective. We are pleased to announce that the First International Meeting of Leisure and Recreation Studies in Japan will be held under the theme of “A History of Leisure and Recreation Education” . JSRLS welcomes a wide variety of researchers and practitioners to its first international meeting and is working hard to ensure the smooth operation of the conference.

 This meeting will be held online, so you will have a great opportunity to communicate with the world from your home. We hope you will join us. We look forward to seeing you there.

International Meeting of Leisure and Recreation Studies(レジャー・レクリエーション研究国際会議)の概要





 つきましては、「レジャー・レクリエーション教育の軌跡」をテーマに、The First International Meeting of Leisure and Recreation Studies in Japan(第1回レジャー・レクリエーション研究国際会議日本大会)を開催いたします。

 JSRLSでは、初めての国際会議開催にあたり、多様な研究者や実践家を迎え、円滑な大会運営の実現のため、努めております。また、ALSA Congressを先導されているアフリカのマリガ・ナイドゥ氏のご理解とご協力を賜り、JSRLSは約1年の準備期間を経て世界に向けた情報発信に関する検討を重ねて参りました。